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Kick the plastic wrap habit with our most popular variety size set! Reusable for at least a year and featuring vibrant, hand-painted designs, these beeswax wraps are an absolute necessity for every low-waste kitchen.

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada. Contains beeswax, cotton fabric, pine tree resin, and organic jojoba oil.

This set includes three sizes of square wraps, each in a different design.

Small (6"): Your tiniest kitchen hero! Perfect for capping the ends of half-cut citrus, cucumbers, and other small produce, the small wrap will quickly become a favourite. 

Medium (9"): Don't overlook your mid-size wrap as it extends the life of some of your more expensive items. The medium is in its prime saving your half avocados and small blocks of cheese. It's also especially useful for bundling up small snacks in your lunch box. 

Large (12"): Our large size finds it's fame as a makeshift baggie with a few simple folds. Wrap sandwiches, cover dinner plates and bundle up loose bunches of broccoli and carrots in the fridge.

Handwash your beeswax wraps in COLD water with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and gentle, alcohol-free soap. Air dry. Store flat or rolled. No freezers, no warm food or warm containers and no raw meat. For further info, visit our FAQ page!

Customer Reviews

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Love them!

I got a set of these for Christmas 2019 and used them almost every day since then. I’ve just composted them and bought another two sets as they are an absolute kitchen essential for me now. Love them!


I saw these on tiktok and I was inspired to reduce the amount of plastic bags I use, so I ordered this set for myself, and I am so happy I did. I was worried at first that they might fall apart after one use, but they didn’t and they are all still in perfect condition. These are a great product, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!!! 😊

Ummm.... These are amazing!!!!!

I love these beeswax wraps so much! I got them as a Christmas gift and I screamed when I opened them. They are such an easy switch to help save our planet and so easy to use!!!



Amazing Wraps!

Got these wraps for Christmas and I LOVE them so much! They are so helpful in reducing my waste by saving all my cut fruits and vegetables! Will definitely buy again!