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Crafted with 100% organic cotton mesh and features a printed tare weight. This bag is the durable and earth-friendly replacement for single-use plastic bags at the grocery store!

One large bag measuring 11" x 17" 

The bags are machine washable in COLD water as cotton will shrink with heat. Lay flat to air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gisela sok (Alvin, Texas)
Nice Product

I like the product seems to be really well made I love the designs on them.

Michael Kanen (Pompano Beach, Florida)

I LOVE IT!!! I never use plastic bags so my produce is always in the shopping cart along my groceries but this saved my life!

Kirsten Florence (Clayton, North Carolina)
The wax wrappers are so much better than I could’ve anticipated

I have heard of people using different brands of this type of product and it not working at all the way you expected, but this is absolutely amazing.

Brittany Trout (Cookeville, Tennessee)
Produce bags & wax wrappers

I have also had a difficult time keeping my lemons fresh after adding some to my water. Wrapping with these bees wax has them lasting longer so I always have juicy lemon to add to my water. The produce bags are so handy to have at the store then you aren’t stuck with all the plastic bags!

Jaqueline (Tingsryd, Kronoberg County)

The bag is huge and feels so much more durable than others I have. Great for heavier things.