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Produce Bags - Sand

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Two large produce bags crafted with 100% organic cotton mesh and featuring a printed tare weight. These bags are the durable, earth-friendly replacement for single-use plastic bags at the grocery store!

Put them to work as a lunch bag, vacation laundry bag, adventure wet-bag, or a 'keep all your stuff together' bag on-the-go.

This set includes two large bags. Each bag measures 11" x 17" and can easily accommodate the fluffiest head of lettuce.

The bags are machine washable in COLD water as cotton will shrink with heat. Lay flat to air dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
L. (Almena, Wisconsin)
Great bags

Well made,quality bags and very reasonably priced. I use one to hold clothespins as well. More uses than just being a produce bag. They also Lauder well but I hang to dry.

Lynda G. (Three Mile Plains, Nova Scotia)
Great quality!

These are so handy to have.
They are made of cotton which I prefer.
I now have several of them.

Lauren Smith (Sacramento, California)

Awesome! standard produce bag w tare grams for checkout!

Emma K. (Edmonton, Alberta)

These are such good quality it is incredible! I put in 8 massive apples and there was no hesitation that these could handle the weight. I’m trying to become more eco-friendly and these are a perfect and easy place to start. Way better than the weak plastic ones. Very happy with my purchase!

kaylee (Tahlequah, Oklahoma)
will definitely be buying again!!!

i love these produce bags!!! they are a great alternative for the flimsy plastic bags at the grocery store. 10/10