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We Are Bee Kind

Posted by Evan Guiton on
We Are Bee Kind
Last month, we were lucky to shoot a short film that illustrates who we are, what we do and what we believe in. We think our small Bee Kind team is pretty special, and we are excited to finally have a way to share our story!

Our company is 2 years old this month. We have grown so much already, but some days it feels like we are just getting started with the plastic pollution problem. The more we grow, the more we begin to understand how many people we still need to reach.

When we received our final copy of the short film, we were so excited to boost our post as a promotion on facebook to reach as many people as we could. To our disbelief, facebook rejected our video promotion. Their explanation?

It was too political. 

Bee Kind Wraps

At first, we thought this must be a glitch in the system. Surely, this was an oversight by an over-eager bot. So we re-submitted the promotion. The Bee Kind brand video was submitted and then rejected five consecutive times.

Hoping to understand this issue, we dove deep into facebook's advertising policies: the dreaded fine print. The "social issue" of sustainability falls into a category that facebook will not facilitate the promotion of. To quote, 

"Ads about Environmental Politics, with ad content that includes discussion, debate, and/or advocacy for or against topics including but not limited to climate change, renewable/sustainable energy and fossil fuels, are subject to review and enforcement."

Are we really in an age where a video that suggests people be more conscious of the environment is too controversial to be spread far and wide? We truly have a long way to go, and we are so thankful to have supporters like yourself who are helping us get there by constantly changing the conversation.


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