Triumph in the Grocery Department!

What a year 2019 has been for Bee Kind! Our second year in business was filled with many learning experiences, a larger production space, new team members, exciting business partnerships, a new product line, and GROWTH. Grow baby, grow!

Bee Kind Produce Bags

Simply running our numbers tells us that we tripled our growth in year two, but the bigger picture tells an even more exciting story: the green wave is not losing momentum. When we were first getting started, some people asked how far our products could realistically go in what they believed to be an extremely niche market. We now know that this 'eco-trend' isn't actually a trend, but a full-blown movement - a belief system that is growing stronger as each day passes.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and our proof is smack dab in the middle of the grocery department of Save-On-Foods. We received some goosebumps-worthy news from a Vancouver location this week as individual stores ran their year-end numbers. 

Bee Kind beeswax wraps were the fifth top-selling grocery item of 2019.

It gets better: Bee Kind only started being available in that store in May of last year. Late to the game, and we still managed to kick plastic wrap's butt. Three cheers to that! On another encouraging note, Bee Kind secured the #1 spot for December of last year. We think our wraps must have ended up under more than a few Christmas trees!

Bee Kind at Save on Foods

What exactly does this mean? First of all, it means consumers are investing considerably more in earth-friendly alternative products compared to their single-use counterparts. But as well (and most importantly in our opinion), major corporations and stores who deal with obscene amounts of plastic packaging have been sent a very clear message: the people don't want plastic. 

We are overjoyed with the news as numbers continue to roll in from grocery store locations across BC, and we cannot wait to continue to grow across North America this year.

We truly could not have achieved this without each and every one of our supporters.  We sincerely thank you.