Produce Bag FAQ's

Can I wash them?

Yes! Machine wash on COLD and then air dry. You don't want the cotton to shrink!

What are the dimensions of the bags?


Will they keep my produce fresh in the fridge?

The bag is made from mesh, which means they are VERY breathable. Produce like apples, oranges, cucumbers and similar items that have a robust peel are great to keep in the bags. Items like carrots and leafy greens are better kept in something more protective and less breathable (like a Bee Kind beeswax wrap!).

Will my grocery store accept the tare weight?

It completely depends on which store you go to. More and more stores are getting on board, however! If not, it's easy enough to take the produce out of the bag as it  goes through the weigh scale.

Are they biodegradable?

The bags are made from 100% natural materials and will biodegrade.

Do you make the bags too?

No! A third party, international supplier who has the capacity and knowledge to make the bags economically and to a high standard of quality creates them for us. When selecting our manufacturer, we looked at many factors including environmental ethics, supply chain, worker rights, carbon footprint and cost.

What are they made out of?

100% Organic Cotton.

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