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Bag Ladies Unite!

Posted by Evan Guiton on
Bag Ladies Unite!

Tired of tearing off plastic produce bags at the grocery store? So are we. We wanted there to be SUSTAINABLE options to all the single-use plastics popping up in our daily lives, which is why we introduced the organic cotton produce bag! Bring them to the grocery store for your veggies and fruit, take your lunch to work in one, or stash your wet bathing suit in the breathable bag after the beach!

Bee Kind produce bags

Bee Kind produce bags are reusable and made from GOTS certified organic cotton mesh. The patch on the front features the bags' tare weight, which allows you to subtract the weight of the bag from your total at checkout to avoid paying extra!

As a natural fiber, organic cotton is completely compostable. Other mesh materials, such as polyester, will never biodegrade. This is an important distinction to make when purchasing earth-friendly products. Many mesh produce bags that are currently on the market are made from polyester mesh. A reusable bag is still a step in the right direction, but at the end of its lifespan, a polyester bag will forever be a piece of plastic waste. 

Bee Kind produce bag

Our bags are machine washable, and we recommend a cold wash and air dry as cotton will shrink with heat! When you are done with your bag, we recommend repurposing the cloth or giving the bag to a friend! Personally, I'm a big fan of using a mesh bag to store laundry in while traveling. 

While we make all of our beeswax wraps in house, our small team just didn't have the capacity to make the bags by hand as well! For this reason, we are working with an international supplier who meets all of our criteria for sustainability and ethical manufacturing. By going straight to the source, we are able to gain complete transparency in every aspect of our supply chain and ensure the bags are made in a way that is friendly to the planet and the people making them. Questions? Reach out!


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