Our Next Step

ee Kind began when we made a promise to be part of the solution. A solution that acknowledges the impact that an individual can make, and how just one piece of plastic refused is still one less piece of plastic trash polluting the earth. The ordinary actions of everyday people have such an amazing potential to spark change, but

the are too often viewed as insignificant. With the marine debris problem reaching wider than ever thought possible, we acknowledge that everyone must be part of the solution and given the tools and knowledge to be effective change-makers. For progress to happen and change to be achieved, we all must feel emboldened with knowledge to make better choices.

However, better choices only occur once an individual has learned there is a problem to begin with! We realized that Bee Kind Wraps would allow us the opportunity to provide this education to our customers that could spark a butterfly effect of positive change. Through doing this, we have been able to educate more people than we had ever thought possible about the threats of plastics within marine environments and across our planet. We want to grow this much further than our local community, and to achieve this, we decided that a blog tackling diverse issues ranging from by-catch and recycling symbols, to coral reefs, and honeybee colony collapse, would be just the thing to engage and motivate our readers worldwide.

We hope that you will come along on this journey with us to learn and grow while becoming more sustainable along the way. When thinking about sustainability and how best to share this message, this quote by Anne Marie Boneau always comes to mind:

“We don’t need one person doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.”


When someone is just starting out in the 'less-waste' movement, it can seem daunting when faced with thousands of conflicting articles, all while trying to find which choice works best for you. We are constantly bombarded with all sorts of ideas and arguments and this causes information overload, which can be a major hurdle while trying to do right by the planet. This doesn't have to be the case. A good first step, (like buying your very first reusable beeswax food wrap!) is usually all that it takes to inspire a lifestyle change. Before you know it, you have glass jars galore and it seems your reusable tote bag is stuck to your hip - for all those 'just in case' last minute shopping impulses. If there is one thing we have learned, it’s better to overpack and not need it, then to under-pack and end up buying it. When you’re trying to be as eco-friendly as humanly possible, we know that once one plastic-free swap has taken place, there are usually going to be quite a few more happening soon after... Our role as a gateway to this for many people makes us happy beyond words! The importance of cultivating sustainability in others cannot be emphasized enough.

As this movement grows, it’s up to all of us to ensure that there is space provided for those often left out of the conversation and not granted a seat at the table. With more people than ever before seeking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, everyone deserves the opportunity to have these choices available to them, rather than being stuck with a plastic-only option.

At Bee Kind, we have always strived to be inclusive to everybody. This attitude is tied to our business practices, especially relevant when we look at where they are sold. Many of the stores that sell our beeswax wraps are major grocery stores that we all grew up shopping at. The 'grocery store' means so much more to us than just a grocery store, it is an incredible opportunity. To us, it represents financial accessibility. It represents approachability. Even more so, it represents the everyday person. We believe this accessibility will allow our push for sustainability to flourish. By having a presence in these stores, we have removed numerous barriers in attaining a sustainable solution.

The more accessible this movement is, the more people will feel empowered to take steps to join in the fight for our planet. Above all though, it should be a continuous process to become more environmentally conscious. Going 100% plastic-free is definitely something to aim towards, but it isn’t possible for everyone to do all of the time. Learning from mistakes and trying your best is the most valuable thing you can do. Whether it is with just using a beeswax wrap daily, banning plastic water bottles from your home, purchasing produce from a local farmer, or spearheading campaigns against your local government for environmental pursuits, there is space and opportunity for growth within this thriving community and it will only become more enriched as more join in.

We hope you join in.