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One Beeswax Wrap – Countless Uses

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One Beeswax Wrap – Countless Uses

One of our favorite parts about working here at Bee Kind is getting to learn about all the unique ways our customers can utilize their beeswax wraps. From storing fruits and veggies to creating snack pouches for when you're on the go, there are seemingly endless possibilities! We want to share our top 5 uses for Bee Kind beeswax wraps that are sure to inspire you on your low waste journey. 


#1 Store Fruits and Vegetables

An all-time cult-classic use for beeswax wraps is to store produce such as half-cut fruits and the ends of vegetables by sealing the wraps directly to your produce. Whether you’re picking up a fresh head of lettuce from your local farmer's market or simply storing the other half of your avocado— beeswax wraps are a go-to item for properly storing your food while maintaining its longevity. Unlike plastic wrap, beeswax wraps are antibacterial and slightly breathable, meaning your leafy greens are sure to stay crisp and fresh for days on end. Goodbye soggy lettuce heads! 



#2 Keep Bread Mould Free

Since beeswax wraps are antibacterial and slightly breathable, they are the perfect choice of material to store loaves of bread and baked goods. While containers, foils, and plastic wraps can leave bread exposed to moisture and mold, beeswax wraps create the perfect sealed environment. Wrapping your baked goods in beeswax wraps leaves loaves of bread soft but protected against green growth— memories of rock-hard, fuzzy green baguettes can forever be a thing of the past! The next time you stop at your local bakery, try bringing an extra-large wrap to store your goodies in and notice the difference in the longevity of your baked goods!



#3 Wrap Bowls and Cover Rising Dough

The year is 2020. You’re in your kitchen baking your 12th loaf of bread this week… This is where beeswax wraps have become your best friend. Upon ‘activating’ the wrap with the heat of your hands, gentle pressure can be applied to seal the wrap against any desired form— perfect to cover the top of a bowl holding your glorious rising dough! Beeswax wraps stick to most surfaces and are a great replacement for missing container lids. Ensure that the wrap is properly sealed before placing back in the fridge. Just like any container or plastic wrap, if it's not sealed properly, your fridge air can dry out your food! Once a strong seal is created, bowls with a beeswax wrap lid can be stacked on top of each other, making for efficient use of fridge and counter space.



#4 Snack Pouches for On the Go

One of our favorite uses for beeswax wraps is to create little snack pouches for on the go! These easy-to-fold pouches are great for holding sandwiches, fruits, name it! They make the perfect container to pack snacks in while on a hike in the mountains or a long day of school. Pouches can also be created to store knick-knacks outside of the kitchen— they can essentially be turned into a reusable plastic bag without lasting environmental harm. To reuse, simply unfold and rinse under cool water. A soft, non-abrasive cloth and a dollop of alcohol-free soap can be used for stickier messes. Just be sure to avoid hot water or the beeswax will melt off the wraps and they will lose their stickiness! 

Check out our tutorials on how to fold these quick and easy snack pouches here and for advice on how to best care for your wraps, visit here!



#5 Store Cheese

Cheese. Enough said. We are big fans of charcuterie boards and cheese spreads here at Beekind, so when we discovered that using our beeswax wraps would be the perfect way to store fromage— we were ecstatic! Since realizing how well our wraps preserve cheese and dairy products, countless customers have shared similar experiences and express utter joy in never having to use parchment paper and plastic baggies again. No more plastic tasting cheeses and no more paper waste. Beeswax wraps truly are a tiny but mighty wonder! 



Have any questions? Check out our FAQs on beeswax wraps here or get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, and email.

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