Dish Brush FAQ's

What's the best way to care for them?

Our biggest tip is to always let them dry as soon as you are finished with them, and not let them sit in water for long periods of time.

Why are bristles falling out already? My brush is brand new!

Don't stress. When your brush is brand new, there are usually a few bristles that never found a secure footing in the brush during manufacturing and are going to be knocked loose on the first couple of uses. This is not indicative of how your bristles will stand up over time. After the first few loose ones have come out, your bristles are in it for the long haul.

Can I sanitize them?

Yes! Every month, I like to soak them for an hour in warm water, dish soap and white vinegar. Air dry with the bristles facing down.

Are they safe on non-stick pans?

Our long handled brush has softer bristles, and is great for non-stick pans! Our smaller pot scrubber has much more abrasive bristles which should be avoided on delicate cookware.

Are they biodegradable?

The brushes are made from 100% natural materials and will completely biodegrade. The metal detailing on our long handled brush can be popped off and recycled. 

What are they made out of?

FSC certified beech wood with FSC certified sisal and palm bristles.

Are the bristles glued in?

These brushes do not utilize glue, which means you won't see bristles shedding as glue wears down with age. 

My wood handle got a crack in it, is it defective?

No. Wood naturally swells when it gets wet, and then shrinks when it dries. Superficial cracks are normal and expected, although we try to minimize them by not letting the brushes soak in water for too long. If your brush has cracked in an unfortunate spot which has resulted in bristles falling out, message us and we will send you a replacement!

The wood on my dish brush is turning black. Do I have black mold?

No! (Thank goodness). The metal fixtures on your long-handle brush are causing the wood to 'oxidize' after prolonged exposure to water and metal. This is completely natural and not detrimental to the brush or you.

How long do they last?

It definitely depends on how you use your brushes, but we see most brushes last for approximately a year. 

Can I replace the head?

Yes! Our long handled brush has a replaceable head which we sell separately or in a bundle. Slide the metal fastening down to loosen the 'claw' so you can replace the old head with a new one. Retighten the claw by sliding the metal fastening up towards the head.

Do you make the dish brushes?

No! A third party, international supplier who has the capacity and knowledge to make the brushes economically and to a high standard of quality creates them for us. When selecting our manufacturer, we looked at many factors including environmental ethics, supply chain, worker rights, carbon footprint and cost.

Do you make the soap?

No! The Modern Hippie soap is made by our good friend Carly who owns Modern Hippie Skincare. She creates all of her products in our hometown of Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

How do I dispose of them when I'm done?

Recycle the metal trimmings and bury the brush in your backyard or add it to the compost.

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