12 Days of Giveaways

This December, we are so excited to be running 12 Days of Giveaways featuring some of our FAVOURITE local brands! Starting December 1st, we will be giving away some 'under-the-tree' worthy goodies every second day on our instagram page: @beekindwraps

Follow along and enter to win as we work through some serious swag!

Day 1



Nude is a super sweet Vancouver start-up company that launched the iconic vodka soda in a white can.  Their Advent Calendar is a holiday favourite featuring 24 cans - including two unreleased surprise flavours! This season, partial proceeds of the advent calendar is donated to Food Banks Canada.

Aside from their delicious drinks, we love Nude because they are huge supporters of local animal rescue organizations. To date, they have donated over $215,000 to animal welfare with a goal of donating 1M by 2023. 

*Nude Beverages has not sponsored this contest. Must be legal drinking age to enter.*


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Day 2

Wild Bunch Dried Bouquet

Wild Bunch 

Does anyone else get a little antsy when they are gifted a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flowers? I always feel like I'm on a timeline to get MAXIMUM enjoyment out of them before they wilt. Just me?

The Wild Bunch creates exquisite bouquets of dried flowers and foliage, providing you with a lasting arrangement to display all season long. The Wild Bunch was founded in 2014 in Vancouver, and their team is committed to supporting our local farmers wherever possible.


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Day 3

The Bee Kind Box


 You know we had to feature ourselves at least ONCE right?? We are giving away our newly released Bee Kind Box, just in time for Christmas! The box includes our entire product line: a dish brush bundle, the soap, an extra-big wrap, two regular wrap sets, and two sets of produce bags! Keep it for yourself or gift it to someone especially lucky this year.


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Day 4

Vessi Shoes


Inspired by Vancouver weather, Vessi launched the world's first waterproof knit shoe - and they work. Not only have they created ridiculously comfy and functional shoes, Vessi has also given back over $500,000 to a variety of community driven projects benefitting teachers, mental health, BLM and nurses.


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Day 5

Mala Candles


Mala Candles are undoubtedly gorgeous (that aesthetic tho!) and the scent catalogue is literally perfection, but did you know that for every candle purchased they plant a tree? To date, they have funded over 11,200 trees planted across the globe!

Fun fact, we loved Mala before we knew who was behind it... Turns out, both of our Founders used to waitress together in Vancouver before they started their entrepreneurial adventures!


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Day 6

Supercrush Scrunchies


Why do we love Supercrush? Quality, quality, quality. Not only does this mother-daughter duo create beautiful, high-end scrunchies that are handmade in Vancouver, they also give back a generous portion of profits to "The Sanctuary" - an organization that helps mothers and children living on the Downtown Eastside. The scrunchies themselves feature lux fabric and a thick inner elastic, and come in three different sizes to suit every hair type!


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