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Plastic Is Over

explore the cult-favourite, vibrantly designed beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are the reusable & biodegradable version of plastic wrap.

By opting for a sustainable alternative, you're protecting the ocean from devastating plastic pollution. Did we mention they also keep your food fresh longer?

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The Most Functional Food-Hack

This beeswax infused cloth is antibacterial, flexible and sticky. The heat-sensitive wax coating responds to the warmth of your hands and creates a lasting, water-resistant seal. Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes for a perfect fit, every time.

Once I started using this dish brush - there was no going back! The bristles of the brush are strong and sturdy (holla bamboo!) so the brush head is very durable! I know I’m getting the value I’m paying for :) Thanks Bee Kind!

These are such good quality it is incredible! I put in 8 massive apples and there was no hesitation that these could handle the weight. Way better than the weak plastic ones. Very happy with my purchase!

LOVE. I can’t express how much I love these wraps. The wraps are so versatile and I love that I don’t have to struggle with them. Also, my produce has never been fresher! The designs are too cute! Would buy out the whole inventory if I could.